Anna Delvey: The New York City Sociopath Scam Artist

Anna Delvey somehow made New York City’s socialiates some of the biggest victims to her scamming ways. She used her sociopathic charm and lack of empathy and step on anyone in her way, which ended up not working in her favor…

Starting Off

Anna Delvey was living in upper-class Soho and staying in the iconic 11 Howard Street hotel. The area was mobbed with socialites, actors, models, and other high-class people. Delvey purposefully chose this area because she knew that everyone had full pockets, and she wanted to be in their inner circles so badly…

The First Friend

She was able to make her way around city social socials quickly and mimic the behaviors of the people she was trying to be friends with. For example, she always made a big show of tipping any hotel staff and waiters she came across $100 bills. It ended up working and impressing those she wanted to impress. Then, he met Neffatari Davis, an aspiring cinematographer.


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