Baby Monitor Shows Child Listening to Disembodied Whispers

Kids commonly have experiences with the paranormal. Some experts claim children are "closer" to the spirit world than adults, so the spirits tend to have an easier time reaching out to them. Parents have experienced their children recounting bizarre stories with the dead or even having an "imaginary" friend who eerily resembles a human...

One mother was able to capture a paranormal experience that her daughter had on her night-time nanny camera. In the middle of the night, the mother said that she awoke with the need to check on her daughter. When she picked up the monitor, her daughter was sitting up in bed.

In the background of the video, you can faintly hear the little girl's noise machine, but something else comes through on the audio. A male voice can clearly be heard at one point, but the little girl remains unphased. The mother said no one else was in the room with her at the time of the recording.

Internet listeners picked up on another phrase uttered by the voice but can't agree on what it says. 

Some commenters have said it says "baby." Others think it says "listen." Unfortunately, due to the audio, it's difficult to decipher what the voice was saying.

In the morning, the mother asked the little girl what she was doing that night, but her daughter claimed that she didn't remember anything. It's as interesting as it is scary, especially for the young mom. 

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