Bizarre Noise Caught on Toddler’s Crib Cam When He Was Interacting with Something off Screen

There are theories that children are more intuned with the spirit world due to how “close” they are to it.

We’ve seen photos of kids staring directly at anomalies that were only captured on camera. Kids will sometimes have imaginary friends who are relatives that have passed on. And sometimes, kids will interact with something that no adult can see…

One Reddit user posted a clip from his son’s crib cam after he witnessed something bizarre.

It was late at night, and his son was rowdy. He was talking gibberish and pointing at something off-camera, jumping around and shaking his crib.

The Reddit user noted that this was weird behavior, and he was actually recording it to send to his wife who was out of town.

Then, something came across the audio that chilled him to his core.

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