Blue Zones: Places in the World Where Centenarian's Live

Blue Zones are areas in the world where people live the longest and are the healthiest. This includes Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Ikaria, Greece; and Lima Linda, California. 

After scientific data was poured into this study, the trend of longevity hot spots was targeted and deemed Blue Zones. It's now a study that showcases the lifestyle and environment of the world's oldest people in an immediate area.

Dan Buettner is the Blue Zones, LLC founder. He and his team have defined nine specific lifestyle habits that solidify the Blue Zones. 

There are four groups: Eating wisely, connecting, moving, and having the right outlook. These four groups have the Power 9 subgroups that go into living a long and healthy life. 

Now, the Blue Zones group is working on creating other zones in the world that promote healthy longevity. Their first effort was in Albert Lea, Minnesota which seemed to be a success. 

It seems that eating healthy is the best way to live a long life, as well as being active. Having a happy mind helps, too.

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