Bon Joon-ho’s Upcoming Thriller ‘Parasite’ Targets Real World Class Struggle

The director of ‘The Host’ and ‘Snowpiercer’ returns to illuminate the real horrors of living in modern society.

For those who have seen ‘The Host’ and ‘Snowpiercer,’ you probably know that Korean director Bon Joon-ho has an award winning eye for settings. Joon-ho has been praised for his ability to convey emotion and pack personality into every second of a scene. Joon-ho compresses his films to contain very similar scenic dynamics, until the antagonist appears and the personal plot of the characters gets derailed.

Joon-ho seems to be playing to his strong suit in the trailer for ‘Parasite.’ This film is centered around a Korean family that lives in a very small and fairly run down house. The son of the family fakes his acceptance to a university program, and in turn, gets hired to tutor an affluent family’s children. This turned into their entire family getting hired, but under the pretense that none of them knew each other.

The tension in this film comes from the competition between the former service staff, and the new staff that lied their way in, as well as the tension between the service staff and the family due to class differences. The real enemy in this film is the availability of resources for those of lower class, and how vital it is for some cultures to be on even footing with their peers.

The US release date for ‘Parasite’ is set for October. The movie has already been released in Korea and is receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews.

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