Cats and their Ghost Friends

Everyone knows that cats are bizarre creatures. Their bodies do weird things, they play with random objects like straws and bottle caps when they have thousands of “traditional” cat toys, they hide in precarious and weird spots in the house… No one knows why they do the things that they do.

All cat owners have experienced the bizarre phenomena of the cat becoming transfixed on something that the owner cannot see. Their pupils grow big, they make their body small, and they track something along the walls and ceilings, looking like they’re ready to pounce. Is it a bug? A speck of dust?

What about a ghost?

Obviously, people would like to explain this as a simple reflection of light or something not paranormal. That still doesn’t explain why cats are seen looking right at it…

This type of phenomena has been reported happening to young children as well. There are countless stories of parents watching their infant stare at something the parents themselves can’t see… And, once a photo is taken, they can easily see the streaks of light that their children are looking right at.

A common theory is that animals and children are closer to the “other world” than we are, so it’s easier for them to see things beyond our realm. Another common theory is that they’re simply staring off into nothing, but that’s just not as fun.

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