Cemetery Enthusiast Blog Normalizes the Topic of Death in a Bizarre Way

Cemeteries are known to creep people out. One blog site called A Grave Interest, where the writers call themselves Tombstone Tourists, wants to show the general public that a cemetery is just a museum. There’s a lot to learn from them and people shouldn’t push them away.

They uncover the hidden truths of different types of gravestones, unmarked graves, and even offer information on how cemeteries work. Weirdly enough, it’s pretty interesting!

One post in particular talks about “Random Acts of Cemetery Kindness” and how to care for your local cemetery. That includes things like picking up trash, take photos of gravestones, searching for death records and unmarked graves, attempt to gather older and broken gravestones and put them in their rightful place… Basically, just treating this area as if the people were still living!

They also offer information on different types of graves, the difference between coffins and caskets, and even how to relocate a body…

Not only do they talk about the goings on of creepy cemeteries, they also talk about disasters that lead to huge amounts of deaths… Especially the more mysterious ones.

Even though the topic of death is pretty uncomfortable… The goal for this blog is to get rid of that feeling and make it normal!

If you have an interest in cemeteries and everything that goes along with it, this is the blog for you.

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