Check Out This Haunted Antique Coffin

There is an antique children’s coffin on display at the Traveling Museum of The Paranormal and Occult. Usually, this wouldn’t be very odd, but there have been some weird experiences with it…

Although this is a standard coffin, the reason it’s in this museum is because of the hauntings that come with it.

It’s known as The Gatekeeper. It’s estimated that it was made in the late 1800s. It’s unclear why it’s haunted, but people continue to have weird experiences with it.

A feeling of uneasiness can easily take someone over while they’re in its presence. Voices, cold spots, and even isolated noises occur around it.

On the website, the museum writes, “During an initial investigation with the piece, The Gatekeeper introduced itself as a keeper of the crossroads, a duty often attributed to Papa Legba, a loa in Hatian Vodou who serves as the intermediary between the loa.. and us.”

Very eerie! Who knows what magic this coffin went under. Maybe Zak Bagans should come and investigate…

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