'Color Out of Space' is... An Experience, to Say the Least

Nic Cage is the king of Hollywood, obviously, and he brings more flavor to the table in Color out of Space than ever. 

Color Out of Space could be misconstrued as a wannabe cult film, but at its core, its a nerd's fever dream pieced together by an author who knew exactly what he was doing. HP Lovecraft wrote the original draft of this story, which is an adaptation of an abstract tale that was originally inspired by the bible. No, we did not make that up. 

Without giving too much away, a color that nobody else can perceive starts appearing to this family, and whacky, zany hijinx ensued afterward. 

This color spreads an aggressive aura around this remote mountain vista, causing Nicolas Cage and his family of predictable, likely inspired by Hereditary, characters to lose their collective minds. 

If you could liken this movie to anything else, which is a daunting task, it's strangely almost like Annihilation. Imagine an inexplicable phenomenon that is literally impossible to understand that changes people in inexplicable ways. 

Additionally, there is a ton of mystery, monster action, and body horror in this flick. 

If you liked Hereditary but wished that there was more body horror, and if you liked Annihilation but wished the subject matter was less sciency and lighter, Color Out of Space is for you. 

In conclusion, this movie is extremely easy to watch and understand, this doesn't take an A-frame brain or a deep understanding of theoretical physics. Where it lacks in depth of character, it makes up for in creativity and cinematography. We give this one a, shocking, 8/10.

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