Colorado Mother Faked Daughters Terminal Illnesses That Resulted In The Girl’s Death

A mother in Colorado has been indicted on two counts of first-degree murder, child abuse, three counts of charitable fraud, three counts of theft, two counts of attempt to influence a public servant and two counts of second-degree forgery.

Kelly Renee Turner is accused of faking seven-year-old Olivia Gant’s medical conditions in order to get charity and donations. She gave her daughter medicine that she didn’t need and had her get surgeries that were unnecessary.

Turner has two other daughters, both older than Olivia.

Olivia allegedly died of intestinal failure in 2017, but when her body was exhumed and a proper autopsy was done in later 2018, they found no evidence of intestinal failure and have left her death undetermined.

No one questioned Olivia’s death until 2018 when Turner brought her oldest daughter into the hospital for “bone pain.”

The family had also switched primary care doctors around the same time. When Turner told the new doctor that her daughter had bone cancer, the doctor called their previous care provider in Texas who said they never diagnosed her with anything.

The police were able to interview the young girl at school the next day who told them what her mother was doing to her and her last living sister.

After confronting Turner, the police were able to confirm that she faked her oldest daughter’s medical conditions but was adamant that Olivia’s were real.

And then, everything came crashing down around her.

People began to dig into Turner’s past. They noted how much charity the family accepted during their time with Olivia… Especially after her “terminal” diagnosis.

Some could say that creating a false terminal diagnosis is premeditated murder.

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