Cringey Online Shopping Mishaps

For many, online shopping is practically an everyday occurrence, and for the most part, things usually go to plan. However, there are times when the thing you ordered does not arrive quite as described. These people, on the other hand, had some of the worst online shopping fails known to man.

If you've suffered the same fate while online shopping, hopefully, this gallery makes you feel just a little less alone...

Not Cutting It

The weirdest part about this purchase is that the frame itself is the same, but the cushions aren't remotely close to the product photo. The craziest part of all of these fails, is when you ask yourself, "did the seller really think this would pass as the actual product?"

Failing to Sea the Difference

It would seem that the seller doesn't exactly know what a mermaid is given the state of this product. Sorry to ruin your mermaid dreams, ma'am, but you won't get very far in the ocean with that thing.


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