Eerie Ghost Photos Captured By Normal People

It’s easy for people to think that they captured something paranormal on their camera… Most of the time, it’s easily debunk-able. Oh, it was the dog. Just some dust! Maybe a glare?

These photos are unexplainable… To a point. Be the judge and see if they are hoaxes, or something scarier…

This photo looks like it’s antique, but it’s only a couple of years old. This was taken on someone’s trail camera during a hunting season. They ended up capturing a very eerie figure standing in the woods… And only in this one frame. If it was an actual person, there would be multiple photos of them walking in and out of the frame.

This is another trail camera shot. A little girl is seen walking through the frame, but once again, she was only seen in this one shot. This was on someones property in a remote area. No one would be trespassing out of inconvenience…

This figure was captured in an abandoned hospital while people were investigating. They didn’t notice the figure after they reviewed the photos later in the night… No one in the group would have been over there, as no one split up during the photo session.

This photo was taken of a Reddit users great-grandparents in December 1942. Obviously, cameras’ were not great back then, so it makes sense for everyone’s faces to be blurry… But, that sixth person is clear as day. And apparently, no one else was supposed to be in the shot. No one in the family can recognize who that could have been…

The original post on Reddit has been deleted, but photos live forever on the internet! Obviously, it was posted because that kid in the photo was not there in real life… Ghost boy in the woods, maybe?

This one is probably the strangest… The Reddit user who posted this claimed that they pulled up the rug in their NYC apartment to expose the nice, original hardwood flooring. He noticed a black splotch on the wood which looked like dried blood. He took a photo to show his landlord, but in the photo, a white mist manifested over the stain… Creepy!

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