Caught On Video: Woman Faints In Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum After Being Touched By An Orb

  • By Erin
  • 4 months ago

Yet another creepy thing happened with Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum! A woman was caught on camera fainting during one of the tours. After reviewing the security footage, they noticed something strange happen right before she fell…

Just moments before she loses conscience, a mysterious orb flies across the screen. It hovered over the woman for a moment before jutting off the screen once again. Then, she falls. 

Skeptics would say that it’s dust or a bug. For one, dust does not just manifest in one single orb. Plus, the orb moved on a path, while dust just ‘floats’ around. 

Others are saying it’s a bug, but that’s just not possible. Earle Brown, who works at the museum, says that, “It moved way too fast to be a bug. Bugs have to be close to the camera, and they don’t move laterally, meaning they’re not going to touch something and move away. They’re going to keep going in the direction they were flying.”

The woman who fainted has since recovered. Of course, there’s no real way of saying what happened, but that’s just how the paranormal biz works.