Fantastic Horror Movies That Deserve a Sequel

When it’s good it’s good, and when its a good horror movie, sometimes we’re met with disappointment. Here are some horror films that we’d like to reboot regardless of the cost.


Sinister is a hard film to follow up, mostly because the plot resolved itself before the end of the movie. BUT, with an idea like that, more Sinisters could be popping up every day, just like the Paranormal Activity franchise.

The Burning

Since the 1981 release of The Burning, the world has demanded further bikini slashers. Although it didn’t start the genre, this movie defined it for sure. On top of that, The Burning had world-class gore, fantastic makeup effects, and the unmistakable need for a sequel.

Dead Silence

Doll movies have seen better days, but Dead Silence takes the cake for the best modern imagining of a demonically possessed doll on a murderous rampage. There are plenty of elements of the plot to tie into, plus the deity inside the doll is technically immortal so… How about make it possess TWO dolls.


Quinten Tarantino and Robert Rodgriguez cast Rose McGovern in this movie to get back at Harvey Weinstein’s blacklist threat. Bad news, the blacklisting worked and this movie was a box office flop, good news, it’s actually an awesome movie that definitely deserves a sequel, and a watch if you havent already.

Evil Dead

This remake of a classic actually changed the way the Evil Dead franchise panned out in the modern generation. Different emphasis on different plot points told a different, and arguably more compelling, story than the first iteration of this film. Younger audiences are demanding a remake. Wouldn’t you?

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