Father Catches Creepy Ghost Hand on Camera

It's always a good idea to watch every "ghost caught on camera!" video with a grain of salt. Most of the time, these things are doctored just so people can troll others or get internet clout. 

A young father was filming his daughter playing in the cabinets. Since she got in there herself, he thought it was funny enough to film and share with his family and friends. 

Maria Jose can be seen playing in the cabinet and slowly crawling around in there. She looks pretty unsure of what she's doing but is having fun nonetheless.

The video is only 25 seconds long, but that was enough to capture something creepy. Her father didn't notice anything strange until he was rewatching the video...

As she's crawling around, in the blink of an eye a white, ghoulish hand appears from behind Maria Jose. As quickly as it appears, it goes back into the darkness.

If you skip ahead to 14 seconds in, you will see the hand just a second later. It appears right under the toddler's face. 

The video quickly took off in Mexico, where it was filmed. The viral video was extremely scary to superstitious parents since there is popular folklore that is very similar to this...

According to the folklore, there are bad spirits who try and lure children away from their parents. Usually, the spirit manifests in dark corners and rooms. One of the most popular parts that a child can be lured to is a cabinet.

Obviously, Maria Jose is fine and generally unaffected from the experience. Gotta keep one eye open, though...

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