This Dating Show is Also a Dancing Competition

Dance for your life? More like dance for your love! Flirty Dancing is a United Kingdom dating show where contestants must also perform a dance with a blind date. The couple learns the dance separately and meets upon their first performance. Hopefully, they have chemistry on and off the dance floor. 

The internet exploded after two contestants, Gary and Ryan, performed in a sunroom/rooftop space. The clip went viral as people began to wonder what this show was and where they could watch the full video. One thing was obvious, this was the best dating show online. The video blew up quickly. 

Though nothing is confirmed yet, there are rumors of a spinoff series in the United States. The show mixes cringeworthy secondhand embarrassment, a romantic date, gorgeous dancing, and hope that everything works out for the couple. 

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Post originally appeared on Upbeat News.