Grigori Rasputin: The Unkillable Man

After being under suspicion by the prince czar of Russia, Rasputin was poisoned, shot, beaten, and drowned.

Grigori Rasputin was a very normal man living in Serbia. He was born, worked on a farm, married, had children, and planned to live out his days tending his father’s farm until he could pass it onto his children.

When Grigori was 23 years old, he had a religious breakthrough and chose to dedicate himself to spreading the gospel. He never got ordained, nor did he completely leave his family, he believed in order to preach Christianity, you needed to be entirely devoted to the gospel, not necessarily getting rid of the pleasantries in your life.

Somehow, this simple farm boy impressed the royal family of St. Petersburg with his tact and dedication, and he was invited to spend time in their castle as their dedicated monk of scripture.

Rasputin moved from Serbia to St. Petersburg, and he slowly built the trust and friendship of the ruling class. He would regularly attend dinners with the king and queen, but he spent much more time with the queen than the king.

Rumors soon spread that Rasputin was in a secret, sexual relationship with the Queen. When WWI began, the king was offered a position as the Chief of Command for the Russian army, so he moved to Moscow and left Rasputin and the Queen to rule over Russias politics.

Prince Felix Yusupov felt that he was entitled to be in the position Rasputin was in, so he devised a plan to kill Rasputin to regain the royal family’s power.

The prince invited Rasputin to a secret dinner party in the cellar of his home, where he fed Rasputin wine and pastries that were poisoned with cyanide.

Rasputin ate nearly triple of a deadly dose of cyanide, only complaining about a slight stomach and headache.

Since the poison wasn’t working, the prince shot him in the back, near the heart. Rasputin slumped over for a second, and then quickly sprung up and tried to attack the prince back.

Rasputin was then shot in the chest FOUR MORE TIMES, only going down after the fourth.

The prince and his friends went to check if he was dead, and Rasputin sprang up to continue fighting. The prince and his three friends then kicked, punched, stomped, and strangled Raputin until he was practically unrecognizable, but somehow he was still breathing.

The prince then wrapped Rasputin in a heavy quilt and threw him in the river that ran behind his abode. Rasputin likely died from this because it was the middle of the winter, and the water was partly frozen even though it was rushing at a high speed.

Rasputin was never seen again, but some believe that he’s still alive to this day.

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