Hard Green Tea and Limeade Are on Deck for Anheuser-Busch This Summer

Hard seltzers were so last summer, just ask Anheuser-Busch. The beer brand has a new line of craft beverages making their appearance just in time for Summer 2020.

The newest addition to the AB family is LQD, a brand of hard teas and limeade. The debut lineup features a passion fruit green tea, a hard peach tea, and a hard agave limeade.

The selections are made with natural ingredients like lime juice, agave nectar, coconut water, green tea, and passion fruit. 

The drinks are under 200 calories each and contain no artificial ingredients or sugars. The ABV is similar to that of White Claw at around 5.2-5.9%. 

To find out where to buy these new beverages, customers can head to drinklqd.com and use the store locator tool to see what supplier has them on hand.

LQD offers a natural variation to the light summer seltzer beverages people have come to love—a hard green tea seems right on-trend, and it certainly helps that the cans are aesthetically pleasing.

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Post originally appeared on Upbeat News.