Here Are Some Horror Games You Should Buy Your Friends for Christmas

Dead by Daylight, Resident Evil, Bloodstained, it's time to game buddy. 

Hey, we know you procrastinated, it's okay, we got you. Fortunately, you can buy a game digitally and send it right to your pal on Christmas day if you want to. How about, for starters, you grab your buddy something you can play together. Dead by Daylight is an extremely successful and addictive title where you can play as horror movie characters, horror game characters, and pretty much whatever other spooky creature you can think of, in an exciting 3rd person search and destroy style game. 

If competition isn't your thing, you should send them Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. This is the officially sanctioned Castlevania clone that modern audiences will understand and crave.

Looking for a different Metroidvania that won't break the bank? Blasphemous will satisfy your craving for brutality. Don't worry, we all want to throw enormous marble pillars at our family members sometimes, it's only natural. 

2D games aren't your thing? Well, how about trying A Plague Tale: Innocense. Although the contributors to this title aren't big names, they credit 100% of their inspiration to Naughty Dog and games like The Last of Us, but they took a creepy story-based creative liberty with the gameplay.

If none of that seems ideal for your buddy, how about you just pre-order them The Last of Us Part II, after all, it'll give them something to look forward to coming out of the winter. 

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