ICYMI: The New ‘Stranger Things’ Trailer Is Crazy!

Finally, the trailer we’ve all been waiting for… Stranger Things is back, and so are the secret horrors of the little town of Hawkins. Plus, the kids are now… Teenagers. They grow up so fast! Since the kids are now teens and they’re now entering a whole new world… Teenage-hood. The upside down is a world they’re all too familiar with… And it’s not over with yet! Now, we’ve got a new mayor to deal with (Cary Elwes) who’s pretty sketchy. It’s apparent that the Demogorgon’s are back and probably won’t be going anywhere soon… Not only are we immersed in the scariness of the upside down once again, but it seems that this season will be jam-packed with some awesome 80s outfits and styles… This is going to be a good one. Are you ready?!

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