Texas Father Questions Dead Wife’s Entire Identity After He Finds Something Incriminating

The American dream is finding the love of your life, moving to your dream town, and having a family. That’s exactly what Blake and Lori were trying to do, but things started spiraling out of control when Lori began to lose herself… In more ways than one. Secrets began to come out in waves and Blake’s situation got extremely scary. 

Love At First Sight

Back in 2003, Blake Ruff was going to his regular bible study classes in Texas. There, he met the love of his life… Lori Erica Kennedy. He knew she would change his life forever, but he was wrong about in what way…

A Quiet Woman

Lori was new to town and went to bible study to meet new people. It was love at first sight! They both took their shared love of their faith as a sign that they were meant to be…


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