Is Your Child an Old Soul?

There are some kids who seem wise beyond their years. They ask deep questions or enjoy the simple things in life! An "old soul" basically refers to a child who seems to connect more with adults than with children. This may be because they are connected with their past lives.

Kids who are "old souls" typically ask deep questions. "What are dreams?" "Where do we go when we die?" "What's the meaning of life?" Sure, kids are naturally curious, but these questions are always the hard hitters that no one really has an explanation to. These kids usually ask these big questions at young ages.

A lot of children are impulsive and needy. Kids who are compassionate, patient, and empathetic, it may seem out of character. This is probably because your kid is an old soul! Some kids can even be selfish or angry, like getting mad when their sibling takes a toy or when someone gives them a bad birthday gift. Old souls will understand that life happens that way and won't get upset.

A lot of old souls are gifted students. They excel in music, art, math, and science. Old souls have memories and skillsets from their past lives. These skills are imprinted onto the soul and come with them on their next adventure. That's why there are some kids who are so gifted that it's hard to believe!


The biggest indication of an old soul is that the child is remembering their past life. There have been plenty of instances of kids remembering bizarre times in history, such as 9/11 or the Challenger tragedy. Sometimes, kids remember past husbands and kids and even ask about them. They can remember things "before" they were born. 

If you have an old soul of a child, consider yourself special and lucky!

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