Two Brothers Accidentally Capture Creepy Footage In Their Old Toy Room

The top post on r/Paranormal has rightfully earned its place. Reddit user Bleachpong posted a video of him and his brother investigating some bizarre sounds. They moved into the house when it was newly built 10 years ago. 

He claimed that they've had some bizarre paranormal experiences here and there since they moved in. At the time of the post, he said that he finally got the sound of LEGO's shifting around in their toy closet. 

After years of hearing weird noises in our house, we captured something eerie on video. from r/Paranormal

In the video, the two brothers can be seen wandering around their home trying to figure out where the noise was coming from. They went to where they believe is the closet of what's happening. 

The closet in question was filled with old toys from their childhood, including a bunch of LEGO's. They determined that the sound was definitely from LEGO's moving on their own, which is terrifying in its own way. But then, people noticed something in the back of the closet...

In the back, it seems like a gigantic transformer is moving its head on its own. The boys didn't notice it in person and they didn't notice it after watching the video... In fact, Reddit users were the ones to draw their attention to it.

Real or not, it's pretty creepy! 

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