One Selfie Saved This Poor Woman's Life

Jennifer never liked to be in front of the camera. However, if she hadn't taken a selfie this one fateful morning, she might have lost her life...

Just Like Any Other Day

Jennifer's mornings usually revolved around her son, Oscar. However, today was Oscar's first day of kindergarten. Oscar was an independent, excited child that couldn't wait for his first day of school. His mother was excited too. Even though Oscar was young, he was completely dependable to get out of bed on time and not make a fuss. 

New Beginnings

Oscar loved going to pre-school, but he only went for half a day before this point in time. He had finally grown old enough to go to full-day kindergarten. This opened up opportunities for his mom to work longer hours to care for him better, but this also meant that Oscar and Jennifer would be spending less time together. Jennifer's parents were planning on bringing Oscar to school that day, so Jennifer had the opportunity to do her makeup and relax until they arrived. However, something sinister was brewing for Jennifer, and nobody could have ever guessed what was happening...


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