Man Posts Eerie Footage of Possible Ghost Encounters

 The internet has become a place for folks to share their paranormal experiences with proof to try and get some sort of reassurance that they're not just crazy. One man has posted videos from his security camera that's in his bedroom of two strange experiences that he can't explain.

The poster said that he's an electrical apprentice and has been in that line of work for a few years. After these events happened, he checked out their circuits and wiring in the home to make sure nothing was amiss. He found nothing weird. 

Even though the only two things he posted were in his bedroom, he's said that the other cameras have captured things as well but the memory cards corrupted. Since his post became popular, he opted to get new cameras to hopefully grab those experiences to share. 

In the video, you can obviously see that the lights flicker on and off. At first, he didn't really think much of it other than a power surge. The more he thought about it, the weirder the occurrence became. A power surge would have also affected the TV... The TV was totally fine. 

The one thing that unsettled him the most was that the lights changed color. They are LED and have the ability to change color, but they're almost always set on a soft white light setting. When they went off, he noted that they turned red. 

Another thing that he captured unsettled him even more. 

This time around, it's only his wife who is in the frame. She's sitting on the bed doing something on her phone when the baby's mobile randomly goes off. Obviously, you can tell that she's a bit weirded out, especially since it kept going. 

Kids' toys are known for going off randomly, especially when the battery is dying. In that video, it doesn't stop rotating until she turns it back off. When questioned about the toy, the poster said that it wasn't charging at the time and that the electrical ports looked alright.

As more and more events happen in his home, he plans to update the thread. If anything, sharing these experiences will provide him slight peace of mind that he isn't going crazy. 

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