Mexican Journalist Found Apparent Alien Carvings In Jade Stone

Deep in the forest of Veracruz, journalist Javier Lopez Diaz made a bizarre discovery entirely by accident. As he was searching within the forest, he stumbled upon a cave full of jade stones. As if that wasn't an incredible find on its own, he found something else that quickly went viral. 

On some of the jade stones were carvings of slim, tall aliens with big heads and eyes. He believes that the drawings signify contact between ancient civilizations and aliens. 

According to cultural legends, aliens helped the Aztecs and Mayans figure out their way of life. 

Diaz collected the stones and took them into the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico. There, they had their highest ranking members inspect the stones and judge their authenticity.

After researching the stones, they were able to confirm that the jades were authentic. Through carbon dating, they were able to confirm that they weren't recently sculpted.

Obviously, there's no real way to tell what these mean. It could have been a way to tell stories back in ancient civilizations, or it could have been a real encounter that someone had thousands of years ago.

Maybe they should be exploring that forest a little more...

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