Mommy Blogger Admits She Found Out Why Her Husband Was Coming Home Late After Doing His Laundry

A mommy blogger who is known for having a sarcastic and witty outlook on motherhood and marriage got real when she posted an update about her marriage. People loved her for her unfiltered look on being a mom to a toddler, but now they were proud of her unadulterated realness on something that many married couples go through.

Rift In Paradise

A newly married couple hit rocky waters when the husband begins to stay out later and later after work. It wasn’t until the new wife found something in his laundry that changed everything.

Jonna and David

Jonna and David began dating in October 2012. On Thanksgiving in 2013, David proposed to the love of his life in front of his family and friends. That’s when the couple also announced that they were pregnant.


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