Most Anticipated Horror Video Game Of 2019: The Blackout Club

A brand new co-op horror game is coming to gaming consoles in 2019! As of right now, there still isn’t any word on when this will be released, but the makers are still teasing the game to eager fans. The game has you playing as a teenager from a small town. Every morning, you wake up covered in mud and scratches with no memory of the night before. It’s a secret that you keep to yourself until you find a group of friends with similar experiences… You form a club to investigate what’s going on, and that’s when the real story begins. Your friend goes missing, and things get crazy. This game is pretty much like Stranger Things with a twist. It’s exciting, scary, and fun with endless opportunities. Plus, the graphics are insane. Just check out the trailer! First person perspective is scary enough, but when you’re only armed with a flashlight in some scenes, it’s almost impossible not to jump out of your seat. We’ll be readily awaiting the release!  

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