Movies That Are So Disturbing, They’ll Haunt You For Days

Some people need a good scare every once and a while, these movies will satisfy that craving for a long time, possibly permanently.

The House That Jack Built

This movie is so disturbing, it’s almost comical. With an all-star cast (Matt Dillon and Uma Thurman?? You can’t beat that) and a director with a seriously disturbing vision for all of his films, this movie is a borderline masterpiece. Matt Dillon plays Jack, a brilliant serial killer who’s been on a spree for 12 years. Some of the depictions of violence chased people away from the theaters, despite the inflated prices.


After being bitten by some kind of strange insect in Costa Rica, a young woman starts to transform. Bite is swimming with body horror, so much so that the first viewers of the flick were given themed vomit bags when entering the theater. The film caused two viewers to experience medical distress during the first showing.


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