Mysterious Light Anomaly Captured in Sky

Photographer Santiago Arevalo went to Bariloche Beach around midnight on December 8th with some friends. They wanted to take some photos of the Milky Way and the beach was a perfect spot with little to no light pollution. After an hour and a half of hanging out and waiting for the photos to take, they started to notice something emerging above the mountains.
This was peculiar because the only light source in the sky was the moon, and that was on the other side of the beach. Realizing that some sort of phenomena was happening, Arevalo grabbed his camera that was still attached to the tripod to snap some photos.

The light began to emerge even more and perplexed the onlookers."The object was huge, and its flight was accompanied by a kind of triangular halo,” Arevalo recounted. 

"At that moment we were all thinking about what it was if it was a plane, but it didn't have the red and green lights on the sides. It was super weird and the light was very white. After a few minutes, it vanished into the sky and the cloud-white glow remained for a few more seconds."


Apparently, NASA has commented on similar phenomena. They say that it's just the passage of a rocket that failed whilst in orbit back in 1966. It still remains in our atmosphere and will create these illusions from time to time.

It's hard to tell what the truth really is, but at face value, the photos are striking.

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