Netflix Has A New Horror Series That’ll Get You In The Spooky Mood

While we’re waiting for the release of the next American Horror Story season, Netflix’s new Marianne is the perfect show to binge-watch in the meantime.

The French show follows Emma, a horror writer who’s best known for her stories about a witch named Marianne. In her stories, Marianne enters your soul and tries to take over your life. In each book, her main characters are fighting against Marianne in order to save peoples’ lives.

As it turns out, Marianne is all too real. She is really a witch who is terrorizing Emma’s small town, and Emma has been writing her books as a way to get back at her.

The plot itself seems simple enough, but the directors made sure that it’s not your run-of-the-mill demonic horror story. Marianne delves deep into the psyche while exploring childhood demons and demonic possession.

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