New Sundance Horror Movie "Amulet" to Drop This Summer

British actress-turned-filmmaker Romola Garai will be debuting her new horror flick Amulet in North America this coming summer. 

The movie premiered in January at Sundance. Magnet Releasing recently acquired the North American rights to release it to theaters. A trailer hasn't been released yet since the release date of the film is still pending, but judging from the Sundance reviews, this is going to be the next hit.

The film follows a former soldier who ends up homeless after a horrific accident. He takes refuge in an old home of a young woman who is also on hard times. She's also taking care of her ill mother.

The soldier, thankful for the shelter, begins to get closer to the girl and falls in love with her. Just when things look like they're going well, strange phenomena begin to happen. 

After the rave reviews the film recieved at Sundance, we're excited to have a new twist to the horror genre come to life this summer!

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