Normal Human Beings Who Have Real-Life Superpowers

Is life too hard for you? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could have one superpower? These lucky people do, but with great power comes great responsibility…

Isao Machii

The world’s greatest samurai holds multiple world records, fastest 1,000 sword swings, fastest tennis ball cut in mid-air, most bamboo sliced through in one swing. The most impressive feat that this man has completed was slicing a plastic pellet the size of a bullet fired at him from 10 meters away at 200 mph.

Daniel Kish

This man has been blind since he was three-years-old, but this never stopped him from “seeing.” Kish can use echolocation, just like dolphins and other marine mammals, to build a landscape in his brain based on the sound waves bouncing off of objects. This might sound farfetched, but he is scarily accurate with it. Other blind individuals have hired him to be their “seeing ear guide.”


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