The Haunting Recordings of Anneliese Michel’s Exorcism

Anneliese Michel was a German woman who became deathly ill starting when she was sixteen. Over the next seven years, she would experience seizures, psychosis, intense depression, suicidal actions, hallucinations, and other troubling symptoms.

Her parents became extremely worried and tried to get her help. She was even admitted to a psychiatric hospital for a few years before her parents felt that her illness was something more than they could handle…

After her years of intense therapy and medications that failed to work, her parents believed that she was possessed.

Anneliese showed intolerance to religious objects and claimed to have been hearing voices. Eventually, she stopped eating and drinking because the ‘demons’ weren’t letting her.

Her parents had the Catholic church step in as a last-ditch effort. She had been suffering for six years with professional help but has only gotten worse.

During her excorsism, she began speaking in a horrific voice that was not hers. She was growling, snarling, spitting, and yelling profanities. She was even listing off demon’s names in Latin.

There were many things that Anneliese had no knowledge of before the exorcism that she was telling the priests. There were parts of the bible that she was mockingly yelling that the priests even had to look up and confirm.

Anneliese passed away a year after the exorcisms began. Her autopsy report said she died from malnutrition and dehydration. She only weighed 68 pounds.

Her parents and the priests were charged with negligent homicide. After a year of trial, the priests were found guilty but were not punished. Her parents were not found guilty.

The biggest defense was the tapes of her exorcisms. Even years after the events, people are still learning about Anneliese’s story through her haunting tapes.

The video below shows the tape. It can be disturbing.

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