How to Get In-Touch With Your Psychic Intuition

Intution is somethingn that every person has. It's that moment when you're thinking of someone and then they text you, or you're randomly reminded of a song and it pops up on your shuffle. Some people write these off as "coincidences" but others people that they go deeper. 

Understanding intuition is tricky. There's no rhyme or reason to it, so those who are more logical might not fully get it. Intution can come in many difference forms, like visual signs, feeling signs, and even hearing signs. 

Once you recognize your intuition, you have to embrace it. It can be overwhelming and you might want to ignore it, but that just means you need to embrace it even more. 

Paranormal author Joni Mayhan wonderfully states, "Intuition is something we’re all born with. It allows us to make decisions based on our “gut feelings” without fear of failure. Have you ever had second thoughts about taking a specific route to work and then later learn you avoided a huge accident on your regular route? This is intuition at work."

Once you embrace it, you have to develop it. Using mediation, spirit guides, and even friends who are also developing their intuition are ways that successful people have mastered the prospect. Once you think you've got it, go deeper. If you keep working at it, it will develop more and more.

This can take years, but everyone is capable! With your intuition, you can use it to make important life decisions with confidence or even converse with the departed. 

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