The Doll with the Growing Hair

In Japan, there's a real doll whose hair actually grows. Many people believe that the doll is haunted by the spirit of the little girl who owned it. 

In 1918, Eikichi Suzuki visited Sapporo, Japan and saw a doll that would be perfect for his little sister. When Eikichi went home, he gifted the doll to his sister who was immediately obsessed with it. 

His little sister, Okiku, loved the doll so much that she never let it leave her side. Tragically, Okiku and her doll had to part ways...

When Okiku was three years old, she passed away from a high fever. Her parents and brother wanted to bury Okiku with her doll but instead opted to leave the doll at a remembrance alter in the home. 

The doll, also named Okiku, began to exhibit something strange. At one point, her hair began to grow. The Suzuki family noted that the doll originally had an okappa hairstyle, which meant that the hair was cropped at the jaw.

Her hair ended up growing 10 inches! The family believed that the spirit of their daughter was connected to the doll, and that's why her hair began to grow. 

The family kept the doll in their home for 20 years. They ended up having to move away from the island, but they opted to leave the doll at the island's temple so that Okiku's spirit can stay close to the doll.

The doll is available for viewing at the temple, but you can't get too close. Apparently, her hair is still growing.

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