One Selfie Saved This Poor Woman's Life

Snapping a Quick Selfie

Jennifer never found time to do her makeup since she was always tied up with Oscar in the mornings. She would usually just wake up, get Oscar ready for the day. throw on clothes, take him to kindergarten, and then immediately jet to work. However, today she got to spend some time focusing on herself. She was so pleased with her makeup, she decided to take her first confident selfie in a while. 

Her Demanding Job

Jennifer was a mental health unit multi-tasker. She would handle at-risk patients and was constantly on her feet since the hospital she worked at was understaffed and underfunded. Because of this, Jennifer was unable to meet Oscar's new teachers, which made her pretty anxious and uncomfortable. However, Jennifer trusted her parent's opinion regarding Oscar's new educators, so she wasn't that torn apart about it...


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