Philadelphia Residents Received Bizarre, Disturbing Letter On Their Doorsteps

Many Philadelphia residents opened up their doors Monday morning to find a disturbing letter. The single-page document has sparked interested and memes on Reddit. Jokes aside, this is a pretty bizarre letter:

Many people have been trying to debunk what this letter is even about and what kind of person would distribute it. Questions still linger, naturally. Apparently, this person is very concerned about the food, mainly meat products, that we’ve all consumed since first grade. They claim that the food is still alive in our bodies. Following? The only way to save ourselves from the agony of having millions of living things in your body, you must be burned alive in a steel furnace, mix your body with melted metal, and then re-solidifying the metal into a steel statue. Okay. Sure. The author has claimed that there will be a meeting held on April 27th at a vacant lot in the Fairmount neighborhood. Weirdly enough, there is a video of the likely offender from a neighbors security cam.

No one is totally sure what to make of this… Except for memes, of course.

I guess the only way to find out what’s going to happen is to head over to the vacant lot at 27th and Girard Ave on April 27th!    

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