Possible Evidence of Giants in America

In 1911, miners were harvesting bat guano at Lovelock Cave (80 miles NE of Reno, Nevada) when they discovered a large mummified human skeleton. The skull even showed evidence of red hair. The first of the two miners who began excavating the cave said that he said he found the body of a man who was around six feet six inches tall. He was completely mummified. Sadly, those remains were disrupted and broken due to "observers" who were not authorized to be in the caves.

Folks at the University of Pennsylvania believe that the remains must have been in relation with the local Piute Indians of Northwest Nevada. For generations, their ancient lore spoke of giants called Si-Te-Cahs. Red Haired Giants were also a popular part of the lore in the area.

More skeletons were found in February and June of 1931 in the Humboldt lake bed. One of the skeletons had been wrapped up and was about eight and a half feet tall. Another that was found was around 10-feet-tall.

The areas had been disturbed countless times. Some were even reburied. Many artifacts have been found in the area. It became apparent that this area was popular for scavenging and excavating artifacts by non-authorized people.

From what they found, it seemed that giant people had been living in that area. It's hard to say anything more about their lives due to the fact that many of the artifacts might have been stolen. 

Rumors say that the Smithsonian Institute has a lot of these remains and artifacts in their possession, as many researchers back in the day were in talks with the institution. 

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