Rasputin Was Basically Unkillable Until He Actually Died

Rasputin (1869-1916) was a famous Russian mystic and self-proclaimed “holy person” who was close friends with the family of Tsar Nicholas II, the last monarch of Russia. Because of this, he gained a lot of followers and was very influential during late imperial Russian times.

During his time as a Russian mystic, many people in the Russian government tried to kill him.

Many people didn’t like the influence he had over the Tsar family. He was their healer at first, then their mystic, and then their general confidant. The government officials who worked with the ruling family did not like how much influence they had over them, so they wanted to get rid of him.

As the Tsar family began to lose popularity among their people, the government believed that it had to do with Rasputin’s intense influence over them. Some even believe it was him who brought Russia to its knees.

He had been poisoned. Stabbed. Shot at. He had multiple assassination attempts that never came to fruition.

Finally, they had killed him. The circumstances around his death are very muddles… No one really knows how he died. It’s been famously stated that the circumstances will never be known, and that’s how the government wanted it.

The men who killed him wrapped his body up in a cloth and disposed of it in a river. When it was found, it had been riddled with three gunshot wounds.

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