Reddit User Details A Horrifying Cult Sacrifice In Her Own Backyard

This is probably something you don’t ever want to see happen in your own backyard…

Reddit user SabrinaTheWitch2511 posted to r/Paranormal earlier this week about her horrific encounter with a bizarre cult in the middle of the night.

She detailed her night as going normally. She lives in a cul-de-sac where it backs up to a thick forest. She took her dog out for a walk late at night since her dog was scratching the door to go outside.

As she was walking the dog, “twinkling lights” caught her eye from inside the forest. She said it was, “… As if people were shining flashlights in my direction. Freaked out, I picked my dog up and ran all the way home, locking the door behind me.”

After getting to safety, she ran up to her room where she has a good view of the forest. This next part is better off in her own words…

“I saw about a dozen men walk out of the forest carrying flashlights. They looked like they were wearing suits, but the only light I had was a street lamp, so they may have just been wearing full black outfits. A couple of them held briefcases, and about four of them were carrying a door. Yep. Just a random door off of its hinges.

“Then, trailing behind them, was a woman in a white dress. They walked to the middle of the cul-de-sac, where the girl proceeded to lift up her dress, squat, and pee in the middle of the street. It was then that my neighbor down the road, who I’m guessing saw the flashlights through his window, started screaming “Hey! What the f*** are you doing?” Calmly, the group of people turned around, walked down the cul-de-sac, across the street, and back into the forest.”

Okay, horrifying. No, thanks.

She woke up her parents who immediately assumed she had a vivid nightmare.

They only believed her when the rest of her neighbors started talking about it. A handful of them had seen it as well after hearing the commotion. They called the police to keep an eye on the cul-de-sac.

Some Reddit users believe that it was just a joke being played on the neighbors. Others think something weird is probably going on…

Who’s to say? Hopefully, this thread will come with some sort of update…

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