Scary Urban Legends From All 50 States

The Bell Witch – Tennesse

John Bell shot a rabbit-dog creature in his backyard, and that’s when things started getting crazy. The family experiences tapping on the doors and windows, sheets being taken off of their beds as they slept, and random voices. Apparently, they were being haunted by a woman named Kate, who eventually killed John Bell by making him poison himself. President Andrew Jackson even visited the family and quickly ran out of there.

Black-Eyed Children – Texas

The Black-Eyed Children were first spotted in 1996 when a reporter pulled up to a movie theater. He was sitting in his car when two kids came up to the window and knocked on it, asking for a ride home so they could get money to see a movie. The children also made it apparent that they didn’t have a gun, which freaked the reporter out. Then, he saw their eyes. He said they were, “the sort of eyes one sees these days on aliens or bargain-basement vampires on late night television.”


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