Sony, Please Tell Us When The Last of Us Part II Is Coming Out

One of the most critically acclaimed games of all time has been teasing us with a sequel for six whole years. Find out why this might be a Kingdom Hearts 3 situation all over again.

Sony just announced that they will be hosting a press conference on 9/24/2019. Yes, this is later on this month, no, don’t get your hopes up.

In general videogame ethics, if a release date is assigned, at least we KNOW that the game will eventually come out at some point. Since the announcement of the beginning of its creation in 2016, there has been only radio silence regarding the developer’s progress.

I have faith in Naughty Dog studios, not only have they never put out a bad game, they’re typically very communicative with their audience regarding the status of their games. Unfortunately, they’re contracted through Sony, who we all know has been actively trying to destroy their own brand.

Kingdom Hearts 3? TRASH. We didn’t wait 13 years for that pile of garbage. Sure, you can slap some nice graphics and an open(ish) world feature onto a game with a weak backbone (cough cough, EA) and sell millions of copies, but where is the substance?

The story of Kingdom Hearts is rich and complex, albeit a little corny, but the third installment felt like a fifth-grader slapped it together in 15 minutes right before the game was released. Naughty Dog has a much better reputation for pulling concise games together, but this is Sony that we’re talking about.

Although no word has been spoken about the context of the upcoming media event, it is safe to say that there is probably going to be a conversation about the release date.

Whether that release date is too early and the game feels thrown together past the first four hours of play, that’s something that we might just have to brace for.

The Last of Us Part II is exclusively coming out on the Playstation 4.

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