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Green Room

We've mentioned this movie before on here, so if you haven't taken our advice yet, now is a good time. Green Room is a slasher film about a struggling punk band that ends up playing a show in the middle of nowhere America out of necessity. As it turns out, this venue was run by a Nazi death gang that tries to kill the entire band for threatening their ideology. Don't you just hate when that happens?

The Invitation

Imagine not hearing from some of your closest friends for several years because they joined some strange secret society, then suddenly receiving an invitation to a dinner party at their hilltop mansion. 

That's exactly the plot of "The Invitation," I mean, with some added twists and turns down along the way. Just know, you're not going to walk away from this movie feeling "normal."

Good Time

The Safdie Brothers got robbed at the Academy Awards this year. For reference, the Safdie Brothers made "Uncut Gems", which is one of our generation's greatest artistic achievements. 

But, the film that came before 'Uncut Gems' is arguably just as impressive. The duo takes Robert Pattinson, who had just come off of the Twilight series and reinvents his image into something strange and unsees. By the way, the plot of Good Time never stagnates, so keep watching if you like surprises. 

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