Stephen King’s “In The the Tall Grass” is Coming to Netflix

Stephen King’s book “In the Tall Grass” is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

The first, and possibly only, trailer for Netflixes newest horror/thriller has just dropped out of the blue. This is actually a very exciting one for us at Inside Mystery since we’ve been loving every recent iteration of Stephen King film adaptations, and the list appears to just be getting better and better.

In the Tall Grass centers around a couple that is inexplicably attracted to this giant field full of tall grass. That’s pretty much it honestly. They pull over in their car and walk towards it, almost as if it was beckoning to them. They hear a person faintly yelling “help me!” from within the field, and they tore off into the grass to try and find that person.

Coincidentally, they cannot find that person and they end up getting separated.

Long story short, they meet some people in the grass, and that’s all the information that anyone needs to know.

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