Suddenly, the Easter Island Heads Have Bodies

We have no clue why this wasn’t discovered until recently, but we’re here now.

After literally hundreds of years of studying the Easter Island heads, an American archeologist built the theory that the heads had full bodies buried underneath them, and she was correct.

For those who don’t know, Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island, is a remote island off the coast of the Polynesian triangle. Easter Island contains thousands of “heads” or statues that were built by hand to represent chieftains and deities, theoretically.

The truth is, Easter Island is one of the strange places on Earth that nobody really knows why it exists. The heads were unexplainable, and although we have a multitude of fairly concrete theories at this time, there is no definitive answer as to why these heads exist.

Additionally, the heads are made of a stone material that is not available on the island, meaning that the Polynesian people, or whoever was traveling to/living there would have had to transport thousands of tons of stone via boat to this remote spot, hundreds of miles away from the closest source of brimstone.

Very recently, ardcheologists have been given permission to excavate the ground underneath the heads to discover whether there were large deposits of brimstone underneath the ground that eroded away or got covered due to land moving or erosion.

After digging, there was NO brimstone underground, but the archeologists made a more substantial discovery. all of these years it was thought that the Easter Island heads were purely heads, and shoulders, that did not move because they were so heavy.

That theory couldn’t have been more wrong. These statues are ENORMOUS, some topping at 70 ft tall. For reference, the 5-10 ft heads that were formerly thought to be the only part of the statues that existed, were ruled practically impossible to transport from point b to point B.

The fact that these structures now have bodies has broken the minds of the scientific community that has dedicated their lives to discovering the secrets behind the Easter Island heads. Unfortunately, we will never truly know their origin or purpose, alien intervention theorists still hold just as much validity as actual scientists that were on the job.

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