The Ancient Tale of the Mysterious Green Children

The green children spoke an unknown language, had bright green skin, and we impossible to catch. Although they originated from a 900-year-old story, there are three written accounts of first-hand experiences with these bizarre children. The first was from a 12th Century writer who claims to have seen the bizarre children in Woolpit…

Apparently, villagers saw the two children climbing out of the deep pits of which the town gets its name. They had bright green skin. The villagers took them in and offered them food, which the children refused. They were confused as to what it was. They tried to baptize the children, but the boy eventually died. The girl lived on to learn a little English, where she was able to tell her story.

She claims to have come from a place where everything was green. She and her brother heard the sounds of ringing bells and followed the bells until the appeared in Woolpit. They were just as confused as the villagers. The girl, later named Agnes, would eventually stay in the village and build a life there, even with her glowing green skin. Many historians refuse the story, while others find merit in it. During this time in Europe, there was a lot of illness and chaos going around. Many children had been orphaned or kidnapped. Many Flemish-speakers had fled to England, suffering from malnutrition. That would explain the bizarre language and green skin… Still, some believe the magical fairytale because… Why not?  

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