The Bizarre Tunguska Explosion

At first, citizens began to report a bizarre glow in the sky. Authorities never gave any answers, but the sightings went on for weeks.

In the 1920s, people in the UK and Belgium claimed to see pink lights. Germans saw green lights. Even citizens all the way in Moscow claimed to have seen a light so bright that it made night time look like day time.

For years, they were kept in the dark. This was a result of a dangerous explosion that registered as an earthquake in Russia, Germany, and even Washington DC. The blast was stronger than the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.

The glow that people saw was a huge fire that was caused by the explosion. Trees near the center of the explosion were stripped of their limbs and leaves, while trees further away were completely knocked down.

Authorities believe that the explosion had to have happened mid-air. Most scientists believed that it was a meteorite that exploded before impact.

Some eyewitnesses said that they saw a cylindrical object moving vertically toward the ground for about ten minutes before it exploded.

Naturally, once this was made public, people wanted to point fingers at aliens. The bizarre object didn’t match a meteorite or anything else on this earth.

Other scientists believe it could have been ball lightning. This is a bizarre phenomenon that occurs during thunderstorms. It’s basically one point of high electricity.

After the explosion, scientists spent their time testing the area for any radiation. Nothing out of the norm was found.

At this point… It could have been anything. A meteorite, space matter, or lightning… Either way, it shocked enough people to start believing in aliens!

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