The Crimes On Fox Hollow Farm

Herb Baumeister lived on Fox Hollow Farm with his wife and children until the early 1990s.

Baumeister was known to the community as a popular thrift shop owner and family man. He was kind to all of his customers and neighbors. There wasn’t a bad bone in his body.

In 1993, news broke that many young men began to disappear. All of them were part of the gay community.

Somehow, a tip led to Fox Hollow Farm. The police acted on a warrant and investigated the property while Herb Baumeister was on vacation and his wife was home.

What they found was absolutely horrifying.

After a thorough investigation, they ended up finding thousands of human bones all over the property.

There was nothing he could do. So, he fled. He ran away to Canada and killed himself before they could make him pay for the lives that he ruined. He left a suicide note, but only talked of his failing marriage and failed business ventures. He did not confess to the murders.

The police can only confirm 11 men that he killed, but they suspect that there were much more.

Near the end, his wife, Julie, said that he grew erratic and angry. He had horrible mood swings that made her so scared that she filed for divorce.

It’s unclear why or how he decided to lure these men to their deaths. It’s said that the grounds are now haunted, and it’s popular for paranormal nuts to try and investigate there.

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