The Ghost Stories of Gettysburg

The Gettysburg haunts are so crazy that those who work in the National Park Service are reluctant to share their paranormal experiences… When they do, they speak off the record. The Battle of Gettysburg changed the face of the Civil War. The soil on the battlefield faced a lot of bloodshed and trauma. It makes sense for this place to be haunted…

There are tons of residences on the grounds that are owned by the NPS where people experience haunts. The George Weikert House allegedly has a door that does not stay closed, footsteps pacing back and forth in the attic and other things that go bump in the night. The Hummelbaugh house is where folks hear the cries of Confederate Brigadier General William Barksdale and the howls of his loyal dog, who stayed at his owners grave until he, too, perished. The Rose Farm is where many soldiers met their fates and were buried. Their bodies were eventually exhumed and moved, which is a sure way to upset a spirit. People have reported seeing the ghostly shapes of fallen soldiers, blood appearing on the walls of the home, and even phantom soldier formations across the land… Then, there’s the Devil’s Den.

Much of the fighting took place in what’s been known as the Devil’s Den. This has been a known ominous place to locals for generations, even before the battles took place. Early settlers have reported seeing ghosts in the same area, as well as Native American ceremonies that were out of the ordinary… There is a strange atmosphere in the area because of all of the residual energy. People see ghosts walking the premises all of the time… No one knows if they are benevolent. There are tons of places to see at Gettysburg, but it’s probably best to start with the haunted areas. You’re more than likely to experience something spooky!

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